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Legends of Nibiru is a Play-to-Earn collectible card game set in a fantasy world of Humans, Demons and Gods. The game uses casual card battle mechanics that make it accessible and very easy to learn.
First impressions count for a huge deal when you play a new game, though arguably less so if it is in early development stages. Legends of Nibiru, however, was able to impress the community despite being incomplete and in alpha phase. Visually the game is well polished with a clean and crisp user interface, beautiful card art, and excellent visual effects.
You’re introduced to the story through some brief dialogues that give you some backstory as to why you’re battling it out with the other races of the realm. Then you’ll swing straight into the battle, and no tutorial is given or required as the battle system is entirely automated.
The objective is to reduce the enemy Hero’s life points to zero with your Army. Your Army comprises of cards that have attack and health values of their own, and many will also have special effects which influence the outcome of the battle. Each card also comes with a timer value which is the number of turns, the unit needs to wait until it can be deployed on the battlefield.
On each player’s turn, one card is drawn from their deck. Unit cards will wait for their allotted number of turns and will then automatically attack the opposite unit each turn or the opposing Hero if there is no card opposite, except a few cards that attack random units. This is your typical casual card battle system with no control over what happens once the battle begins.
Your only chance to show off your strategic and tactical flair is through the deckbuilding process before combat. As your collection of cards grows, you can customize your deck to suit a particular theme, race, or to take advantage of specific abilities. Limiting yourself by race will earn you some sweet rewards, but the better power play is to use the most powerful and highest utility cards you have.
Legends of Nibiru is a very intuitive game to play. Speed controls allow you to speed up or slow down the action at your leisure. The deckbuilding process is simple and works like many others in that you only need to click cards in and out of the deck.
Battles in the campaign mode are won or lost at depending on how strong you are. Winning or losing would all depend on whether you have strong cards. You can repeat battles several times before you can win and yet not have changed a single thing about your deck. There is very little drawback to this, other than depleted energy.
You are encouraged to replay completed mission arcs in the campaign to unlock more Loot that can head up your power. Strongly advise that you spend some time to do this, as your starting Hero isn’t powerful enough to take on many of the later campaign missions.
Currency acquisition is speedy, with each completed battle giving you plenty of coins (soft currency) and experience points. In some instances, you can receive special prizes such as cards, gems (premium currency), and other beneficial items.
Legends of Nibiru has a campaign to conquer that has an unfolding story with each new battle. The map is beautifully designed and has some excellent visual and weather effects. All of the missions are selected from here, as are the options and game shop for more card packs.
Editing your Army can be done before each battle. This quick access to your deck is something useful if you lost a battle so you could then edit your Army quickly in preparation for your retry. Your cards are separated by factions and can be filtered in various ways to aid you in creating a deck that fits with your strategy.
Many different prizes can be won after each battle, and these can be found in the Treasure menu on the main options screen. The inclusion of additional prizes and challenges gives you the motivation required for extended periods of play – because everyone loves freebies and achievements!
Bounties are the PvP offering of Legends of Nibiru. This mode plays just like a campaign battle where you’ll face off against another player’s deck which is also fully automated. If you have a powerful deck, you are more likely to win and collect Loot which shows other players your ‘skill’ level.
You can test your might in the Grand Arena Battle after you have achieved certain power & level. In the Grand Arena Battle you’ll face off against up to 100 opponents and $Gems are awarded to the players who have acquired the most Trophies from their victories. The effort can be worth it as many of the premium packs in the shop require $Gem to purchase them.
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