A short explanation of what My Pixel Club is
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What is My Pixel Club?

My Pixel Club is an NFT based, play-to-earn ecosystem and gaming guild.
My Pixel Club is building a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers and those in the blockchain world. The ecosystem will largely be community-driven, and participants will be able to monetise their digital assets while playing, earning and trading with other players.
Unlike in traditional gaming communities, gamers in My Pixel Club are able to own the assets that they are using in the game, and earn financial rewards for their successes.
My Pixel Club is the friendliest gaming community in the world, and allows users to not only enjoy fun games, but to participate in The Pixel Kingdom metaverse and My Pixel Club's gaming guild.
Our genesis NFTs are simple, clean, make beautiful PFPs, and (as described below) confer a range of benefits to holders.

My Pixel Club helps you earn income in different ways:

Collect, Trade, Farm and participate in Events and Adventures!

🎒 Collect
💰 Trade
👨‍🌾 Farm
🎮 Special Events
🌳 Adventure
Open hero packs to acquire brand new hero NFTs that can be used in game. You can upgrade, stake, or trade your heroes with other players.
Buy and sell NFTs on our in-game NFT marketplace. Use the marketplace to trade and speculate, or to find the heroes that best fit your deck's needs.
Stake NFTs from the Genesis Collection to accrue $MPC and other rewards.
My Pixel Club will host a range of one-off special events in the Pixel Kingdom.
Your hero will be eligible to participate in daily adventures, allowing players to constantly earn more $MPC.