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What is My Pixel Club?

My Pixel Club is an NFT based, play-to-earn GameFi ecosystem and gaming guild, with Legends of Nibiru being the first game developed as part of the project.
The vision for My Pixel Club is to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers and developers with the blockchain world. The ecosystem will largely be community-driven, and participants will be able to monetise their digital assets while playing, earning and trading with other players.
The monetisation of the gaming experience is possible due to the opportunities afforded by blockchain technology in the form of NFTs. As a result of the democratisation of the gaming process, players can now truly be the owners of their gameplay experience, while reaping the benefits of skilled play. Anything Labs aims to create a friendly virtual community of like-minded individuals that allows its members to play and compete with one another in a variety of different ways - the utility of our products is always geared towards enhancing the shared experience of online gaming and facilitating the development of genuine interpersonal connections in the digital world.
There are a variety of separate components within the ecosystem, all distinguishable by their diverse designs. For the genesis collection, the team opted to focus on pixelated characters, in homage to the golden era, the birth of the gaming industry. A seminal period which has made all of this possible today.
Our genesis NFTs are simple, clean, make beautiful PFPs, and (as described below) confer a litany of benefits to holders. Other games within the ecosystem, such as Legends of Nibiru, won't be pixelated โ€“ only the highest quality graphics are acceptable for the highest-quality gameplay experience.

My Pixel Club helps you earn income in different ways:

Collect, Trade, Farm and participate in Events and Adventures!

๐ŸŽ’ Collect
๐Ÿ’ฐ Trade
๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŒพ Farm
โš”๏ธ Battle
๐ŸŽฎ Various Events
๐ŸŒณ Adventure
Open hero packs to acquire brand new hero NFTs that can be used in game (heroes will vary in rarity). You can then upgrade, stake, or trade your heroes with other players.
Buy and sell NFTs on our bespoke in-game NFT marketplace. You can use the marketplace to trade and speculate, or to find the heroes that best fit your deck's needs.
Stake NFTs from the Genesis Collection to accrue $MPC and other rewards. The reward, as denominated in APY %, will depend on the rarity of your hero and whether or not he has been upgraded.
Assemble your hero deck to battle other players and win extra rewards.
From time to time, My Pixel Club will host special events, during which players will have the opportunity to earn rewards for participation. As the project grows, these events will be hosted with greater cadence.
Your hero will be eligible to participate in daily adventures, during which he can explore new dungeons, quests to earn additional rewards.


The game is a fantasy adventure game in which players roam the world, drawing out powers from cards. After choosing between 'Humans', 'Gods' or 'Demons', players build and strengthen themselves as well as their teams by collecting, synthesizing and evolving a variety of unique cards.
Players collect cards by doing quests, prizes, opening up card packs, or trading and use them to battle other players, enhance, or evolve them. Players can also join or create a team called an "order" to participate in in-game events, which allow you to battle other orders and collect points to earn ranks and prizes.
Cards are divided into three realms/factions:
  • Gods, which include: elves, angels, and deities like Ifrit, Thor, Hercules, and Odin.
  • Humans, which include: warriors, mages, and mortals like Jeanne D' Arc, Date Masamune, and King Arthur.
  • Demons, which include: goblins, vampires, and demonic beings like Fafner, Medusa and Cerberus
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